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APOLLO SEIKO Desktop Soldering Robot, Série COMET

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APOLLO SEIKO Desktop Soldering Robot, Série COMET

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Servo Scara Soldering Robot
Achieve high speed operation of high-precision work

The highly rigid structure and operation of AC servo motor speed, cycle time is the top level. High position repeatability (± 0.01mm in JS350 type), and delivers the power to improve productivity.

Achievement of high rigidity arm portion

The structural rigidity of the arm, 6kg load capacity up to provide. Enables the work of heavy loads can be applied with a syringe together with a CCD camera and the unit in addition to iron.

Simple Sequence feature

The robot’s capabilities and built-in sequencer has a simple to operate independently. Furthermore, it can also be treated as a variable function formula, you can create your own original software and set in working conditions.

TERRA Touch Interface

Soldering can be entered from both the teaching pendant or the touch of TERRA.

Teach pendant for easy viewing on large screen

You can easily switch between Chinese and Korean language French German Italian Spanish Japanese and English.

The SCARA robot can be equipped with a pick & place head and/or dispense head to complement the soldering process and add to the capabilities of this powerful system. A palletizing feature allows for processing of parts located in plastic trays and logic functions can be programmed to provide for ultimate flexibility in automation projects.


  • Terra
  • Teaching Pendent
  • Control box